About DiscoverSantaFe

DiscoverSantaFe was born out of a whirlwind of curiosity, a thirst for knowledge, and boredom with what was already available. Scavenger hunts as a kid are one thing. But as an adult, if done right, they can bring travel to a whole other level. 

We craved a game that was FACTUAL. We wanted INFORMATIVE. Most of all, we wanted FUN. (Funky? Spunky? Yes! All the above!) After playing a few scavenger hunts hosted on apps throughout Santa Fe, we realized so many of the games were built from afar and sent us in search of “cookie cutter” items like stop signs, trucks, and flag poles. 

Santa Fe is packed with incredible museums and history, but also has a breathtaking outdoor element that must be enjoyed. The consistent sunshine, fresh air, and beautiful scenery demands more than a passing glance on the way into a museum. 

So, these elements were combined! A Frankenstein of historical facts, lesser-known stories told amongst locals, special and unique views, a self-paced stroll outside in the fresh air, and the ever so handy cell phone came together in a symphony of what is DiscoverSantaFe. You don’t need to download anything to play. You don’t even need to really plan it. Just gather your players, punch in the player codes, and go! It is one of the easiest ways to see Santa Fe, get your bearings, and learn as you go. 

Whether you choose to get competitive with it and round up several teams to compete against one another or gather the family to explore as a power pod, we are excited to have you as a guest and show you around.