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The Hidden History of Santa Fe

“It’s funny to think about how accustomed to learning history from the indoors I have become. I love museums and exhibits, but something about getting outside, moving around and working together as a group really was fun and engaging!  And different!  It was tons of fun, and you really remember the oddities and quirky fun facts that make Santa Fe ‘The City Different’.


“As someone that has lived in New Mexico most of my life, I was surprised by the things I learned on this self-guided tour! Along with the great fun the game offers, I learned a lot about the rich history of Santa Fe. Highly recommended!


“What a fun way to get familiar with Santa Fe! There were so many unexpected secrets to discover along the way.”


“This scavenger hunt makes touring Old Town Santa Fe way more fun. It is fun, convenient, and very interactive. You learn quite a bit as you go.”


“Living in Albuquerque has brought me up to Santa Fe many times but taking this self-guided walking tour helped me appreciate it so much more! I learned so much about the city! Things I’d seen so many times had hidden details I’d never seen before until I did DiscoverSantaFe’s mobile scavenger hunt! It was a great way to spend an afternoon – highly recommend!”


“I’ve been to Santa Fe countless times, but nothing opened up and uncovered the city the way this game has done.”


DiscoverSantaFe combines the expertise of local tour guides, historians, artists, and published authors to deliver a one-of-a-kind socially distant immersive Santa Fe scavenger hunt on every team members’ mobile phone!

Not everyone has the same
Santa Fe experience . . .

Many people leave without truly experiencing our great city.

A Scavenger Hunt Is a Fun, Exciting, & Affordable Way
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Experience a unique self-guided “tour”
and go home with great memories.


No app required! The scavenger hunt adventure is web-based and works on all mobile devices!

Play 24/7/365

This is a self-guided experience which means you get to do the hunt on your own schedule.

Team Building

A fun and experiential team building activity that’s great for teams large and small.

Perfect for Families

Entertainment and learning for all ages. Our scavenger hunt is perfect for families.

Created by Locals

We live here and work here. You’ll experience the same awesome things we share with our friends!

Create Memories

Great experiences (and great photos) that will help make your trip a memorable one.

Children and adults can participate in a guided tour or competitive game against friends, family, or coworkers.
DiscoverSantaFe’s mobile scavenger hunts offer something for everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

The scavenger hunt has a 2.5 hour time limit and will end the game 2.5 hours after the player codes are activated. 

I've done a Scavenger Hunt before and wasn't impressed. What can I expect from this one and is it worth my time?

We know. We’ve done them, too!  “Find two black cars in a parking lot”  or “Take a selfie with a stranger who shares the same birth month.”  We spent a lot of time solving riddles and walking through parking lots, not really noticing all the fun facts around them. Those hunts could basically be Anytown, USA.  isn’t very stimulating, huh?  We found while playing other games we wasted valuable time following clues designed below our intellect when we could have been learning about the really authentic, gritty Santa Fe early days.

Those hunts seem to have been designed by someone in Anytown, USA, just trying to make a quick buck. 

Being residents of Santa Fe, we created DiscoverSantaFe inspired by a love of our deep, sometimes scandalous, and always interesting history – and our desire to share this fascinating place with you.

The travel-size bites of our hunt points are intricate and deep, but easy to absorb. You’ll be recalling these strange facts long after your visit. We don’t waste your time sending you to the generic or well known Santa Fe. We wouldn’t waste your time by giving tips you could find on TripAdvisor or ask any wait-staff. Instead, we pull back the curtain and lead you to the story you would have never have gotten to see, the forgotten and sometimes hidden history. Now, that’s exciting!

Price: $25 (17 years old and up), $15 (age 7 to 16)

Duration: 2.5-hour time limit

Walking Distance: approximately 2.5 miles, depending on the route