Frequently Asked Questions

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Does each player need a phone?

Yes. The game is designed for each person to interact with the challenge. You’ll have more fun and more opportunities for fun selfies!

Little ones can look over your shoulder if they are still too young to have a digital toy of their own.

What combination of codes should I buy?
  1. First decide if you want to compete against one another or complete the hunt together as one group.
  2. If you’re competing, select your number of teams in the checkout process.
  3. You’ll receive one leader code per team. All other players receive player codes.
  4. There is only one leader per team. Make sure to use the leader code if you are a leader.
Is there a difference between Leader and Player Codes?


The Leader Code allows the Leader to enter answers into their phone on behalf of the team for points. It’s sort of like the driver’s seat. The Leader Code is best assigned to the person with the best cell service and a full cell phone battery.

Player Codes let any other players with a mobile device read along, play-by-play, and participate in the action. Participants with Player Codes cannot enter answers into their devices; they read along in real time.

Where does the DiscoverSantaFe Plaza Scavenger Hunt begin and end?

The Plaza Scavenger Hunt begins and ends near the Santa Fe Visitor Information Center parking lot at 491 Old Santa Fe Trail.

You do not need to go inside the building.

I'd like to set up a team-building day. Do you offer anything like that?

Of course! Scavenger hunts are the perfect team-building activity and there is no limit to how many groups or participants you can have. This goes for work groups, church groups, youth groups, wedding parties, student groups, reunions, and more.

For groups of 20 or more, contact us for special offerings and add-ons.

What is the Worry-Free Cancellation Guarantee?

The Worry-Free Cancellation Guarantee is an optional 7.5% service fee that allows you to cancel and get a full refund for any reason as long as your player codes have not been activated.

Declining the Worry-Free Cancellation Guarantee or activating player codes means that all sales are final and non-refundable under any circumstances, including extenuating circumstances.

What about cancellations, refunds, and returns?

Cancellation Policy: See our FAQ on the Worry-Free Cancellation Guarantee for cancellation policy details. 

Refund Policy: Refunds are issued if the Worry-Free Cancellation Guarantee is purchased at the time of checkout and player codes have not been activated. If the Worry-Free Cancellation Guarantee is declined at the time of purchase, all sales are final and non-refundable.

Return Policy: See Refund Policy.

Where are my Player Codes?

Delivery Policy: Upon completing your checkout and making a payment, you’ll receive the following emails from us:

  1. Activation codes for your hunt and a receipt for your purchase
  2. Shareable and important instructions to begin your urban adventure
  3. A Reservation Agreement document for your records

If you haven’t received your emails within about 15 minutes, please check your Spam, Promotions, and Updates folder or run a search for “DiscoverSantaFe” through your inbox. If that doesn’t work, give us a call at 505-522-3201 and one of our friendly Reservationists will help you as quickly as possible! We’ll need your name, email address, and order number to look up your purchase.


I've done a scavenger hunt before and wasn't too impressed. What can I expect from this one and is it worth my time?

We know. We’ve done them too! “Find two black cars in a parking lot” isn’t very stimulating, huh? While playing other games we found we wasted valuable time following clues designed below our intellect when we could have been learning about the authentic, gritty Santa Fe early days.

Those hunts seem to have been designed by someone in Anytown, USA, just trying to make a quick buck. 

Being residents of Santa Fe, we created DiscoverSantaFe inspired by a love of our deep, sometimes scandalous, and always interesting history – and our desire to share this fascinating place with you.

The travel-size bites of our hunt points are intricate and deep, but easy to absorb. You’ll be recalling these strange facts long after your visit. We don’t waste your time sending you to the generic or well-known Santa Fe. We wouldn’t waste your time by giving tips you could find on Tripadvisor or ask any waitstaff. Instead, we pull back the curtain and lead you to the story you would never have gotten to see, the forgotten and sometimes hidden history. Now that’s exciting!

How physically demanding is this?

Expect to walk two to three miles of Santa Fe’s quirky streets within 2.5 hours, at which time the game expires. 

Walking briskly or leisurely is up to you as you strive to experience all 20+ intriguing hunt points we have artfully crafted for you.

Each player will experience this differently. Optional rest breaks on quaint Plaza benches and hydration from your water bottle will help you adjust to Santa Fe’s high elevation but relatively flat terrain.

When can we play?


You can complete the DiscoverSantaFe Scavenger Hunt any time of day or night, any day of the week, and even on holidays. Your inner night owl can really shine here, but you might have more snack options if you complete the hunt during normal business hours.

Can I really do this on a holiday?

Yep! We shaped this scavenger hunt around the idea that you might be here for a holiday ski trip and have some extra time on Christmas Eve, or a long weekend for Independence Day. You can find all the answers to the hunt questions at any time, and the chance to pop into a few key places is just the cherry on top.

I'm traveling with my dog. Is that okay?

Yassss! Bring Fifi, Daisy, Buddy, Bear, and Duke! Take photos and share ’em with us too! We heart dogs!!

Santa Fe is a doggy-friendly town. Be sure to check our city events calendar for any temporary restrictions.

Because the scavenger hunt takes place outdoors, you’re welcome to bring your family pets. We recommend bringing some extra water and snacks. You’ll need to have them leashed at all times and don’t forget to pack out the poop! There are some local rules, but basically just be a good BFF and we’ll all get along just fine!


Is there a limit on how many people I do a scavenger hunt with?

Nope! The sky’s the limit. Feel free to invite your friends, family, old ski team, neighbors, and the entire Cub Scout troop to join you. As long as all these people have a modern-day cell phone with a data plan and charged battery, they are good to go.

For groups of 20 or more, contact us for special offerings and add-ons.

Is this COVID-19 friendly?

Big time! Every player will use their own cell phone and you can choose to travel together like peas in a quarantined pod or split up and compete against one another. Plus, you won’t need to meet up with us as it is all booked online, and you will travel in your own private group rather than with a group of strangers. Oh, and you don’t have to go inside any buildings for the answers, so it’s no problem if they are closed.

Be sure to check the current regulations beforehand.

Game Day FAQs
What should I bring?

Keep it comfy! Pack a backpack with creature comforts such as:

  • Appropriate clothing (think layers), footwear, and a hat
  • Fully charged cell phone with a working data plan
  • Portable phone charger if your battery drains quickly
  • Lots of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks
Where do I park?

The parking and starting locations are near the Visitor Information Center (491 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505) on the northeast corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Paseo de Peralta.

The spaces are unmarked and free but limited. If the lot is full, there are other parking garages and paid meter parking spots around town.

Riding together and bringing some quarters can make parking much easier in Santa Fe.

How can I tell what my location is?

When using the built-in map for navigation, refer to the red balloon with the letter “P” as your personal location marker.

If I need to switch phones, refresh a page, or log out, will I lose my place in the game?

You can pick up where you left off without losing your place.

How do I submit my answer and move on to the next question?

If you are logged in as a player, you will not see a submit or next button. The team selects one leader to navigate through the game, and their phone will display the buttons needed to request a hint or submit an answer and move to the next question.

Troubleshooting FAQs
Having trouble completing your purchase?

Call us at 505-522-3201 or contact us.

Having issues with the scavenger hunt website on your phone?

Call 877-787-2929.

My Leader Code doesn't work. What's going on?

Most of the time this happens when two people enter the same Leader Code. Make sure each Leader is using their own Leader Code, and all the Players are using their Player Codes.

Trouble uploading photos?

This might be due to cell reception. Give your service a moment to complete the task, especially when capturing high resolution images. You could also try refreshing the page, or logging out and back in.

Is the site not responding?

Refresh the browser. If the browser reloads the same screen after entering an activation code, go into browser settings and accept cookies. Mmm, cookies.

Need to correct an order you already placed?

Call 505-522-3201 or contact us.

What if our Leader's phone battery dies?

No worries. Just re-enter the correct Leader Code into another device and carry on.