What to Eat in Santa Fe

Discover the fiery joys of New Mexican cuisine at the scores of restaurants, cafés, diners, and food trucks around town. You can’t talk about New Mexican fare without mentioning our beloved chile, which is consumed as a condiment around here and come in two colors. “Red or green?” is widely said to be the state’s most frequently asked question. (Don’t forget that you can always get the best of both worlds and answer “Christmas!”) Depending on the restaurant, chile will range from mild to a mouth-cauterizing hot, and we warn you not to underestimate the stuff. You’ll also find chile-infused chocolates, coffees, beers, and cocktails. New Mexican cuisine is a unique blend of southwestern flavors and includes Hispano Spanish, Pueblo Native American, and Mexican influences. Santa Fe is home to a number of high-end gourmet establishments known the world over. There’s also no shortage of excellent ethnic eateries around town – including Greek, Italian, Asian, and even Afro-Caribbean restaurants. Be sure to check out our fantastic microbreweries where you’ll find a plethora of local craft beers on tap.  

The Wonders of Santa Fe Cuisine

No visit to the City Different would be complete without an exploration of its culinary heritage. Home of the “Chile Capital of the World,” New Mexican food is a rich blend of Pueblo Native American, Spanish, and Mexican cuisine. Many restaurants in Santa Fe have been featured on the Food Network, on shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Food Paradise, Best Thing I Ever Ate, and more!