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An Interview of Jackie Camborde by DiscoverSantaFe


At DiscoverSantaFe, we want to introduce you to the best locals and best adventures around. That’s why we’ve put together an interview series for you! Get to know more about the people and businesses that keep Santa Fe alive with the adventures, historical legacies, and mouthwatering cuisine Santa Fe is famous for! 


DSF: Tell us about you and your personal background.

Jackie: I am the Director of Development for Las Golondrinas. I run all fundraising, grant writing, membership, business and individual giving, as well as the advertising calendar and PR.

DSF: Tell us about your business’s background and how you got started.

Jackie: El Rancho de las Golondrinas (The Ranch of the Swallows) a historic ranch and now a living history museum, was strategically located on the Camino Real, the Royal Road that extended from Mexico City to Santa Fe. The ranch provided goods for trade and was a place where the caravans that plied the road would stop on their journey coming from or going to Santa Fe. It was a paraje, or an official rest stop, for travelers on the Camino Real.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas, located on 200 acres in a rural farming valley just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, strives to maintain examples of historic lifeways. The museum opened in 1972 and is dedicated to the history, heritage, and culture of 18th and 19th century New Mexico. Original buildings on the site date from the early 1700s.


El Rancho de las Golondrinas and Native American heritage

DSF: What is “New Mexican” or “Santa Fean” about your offering?

Jackie: We are the only living history museum in New Mexico and offer a unique landscape for visitors to explore and enjoy. We encourage people of all ages to get hands-on with history.


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El Rancho de las Golondrinas

“Our annual festivals are not to be missed. Harvest Festival is our oldest festival.”

$8 adults, $6 Seniors, Veterans and Teens, Kids under 12 Free


DSF: What is your favorite thing to explore in Santa Fe and why? This could be a river, trail, art gallery, and so on.

Jackie: We have an incredible array of restaurants, from New Mexican cuisine to Asian, African, and European cuisine. Our food scene is not to be missed!


DSF: What makes your brand different from the others?

Jackie: Las Golondrinas is the only museum of its kind in the Southwest. The beautiful La Cienega Valley is lush even in dry summers and offers a pleasant oasis to spend a few hours or a whole day.


Visit El Rancho de las Golondrinas:

Find information online 24/7 at: golondrinas.org

Open to the public: June – October

Wednesday through Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Private tours by request: April – October


DSF: What is your most memorable experience in relation to your business and why?

Jackie: Hearing from New Mexicans that are proud of Las Golondrinas for preserving their history and cultures, and for providing a safe space for the hands-on exploration of our collective past.


DSF: What do you want your business to be remembered for?

Jackie: That Las Golondrinas preserved the cultural landscape of this historic property, that we care about our communities, and that we provide unique experiences for guests to learn about the cultures of New Mexico.


DSF: What’s that one question no one asks, but should?

Jackie: How can I help Las Golondrinas fulfill its mission?


DSF: Red or Green?

Jackie: Christmas!

El Rancho de las Golondrinas